What Tasks Can You Outsource in the Philippines

It’s great news if your brand is expanding. Growth is good but what comes with it? New goals, new tasks, additional things to do, and so on. Suddenly, you will feel that your small team (more so if you are a one-man team) is overwhelmed with the tasks at hand.

Actually, it’s a good problem. A growing business is good news. However, you would still want to maintain the quality of your website. You still want to maintain the quality of work. You want to work on everything but there only so much you can do within a day. How can you expand without sacrificing quality? How can your brand thrive without compromise? Outsourcing is the answer! You can still be efficient while you delegate some of the tasks! Philippines comes to mind when outsourcing is also mentioned.

Because of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) boom in the Philippines years back, the Filipinos have been trained with the outsourcing process. If you are wondering what tasks you can delegate, here are some of the few you can assign:

Data Entry jobs – When you have a lot of data in your hands, you need them to be organized.  We all know the importance of organized and accurate data. To encode them with proper care and diligence takes time.

Data enrichment services is also another task you can assign. If you want to maintain order in your data, have somebody else take care of it. This way, you get to focus on other tasks without compromising data accuracy.


Online Transcription – This is another important task that takes so much time to do as well. Online transcription is about transcribing the text of a video or audio recording. While it’s nice to actually watch or hear recordings, it’s also better to have the text of the content in place thus many people in 1st world countries opt to outsource transcription services in Philippines.


SEO – SEO or Search Engine Optimization services is a task you can outsource. Incorporating SEO on your website takes time and needs to be done by a detail-oriented person. You are in safe hands because there are a lot of SEO specialists in the Philippines and they have experience dealing with local and international clients.

When you have contents such as these on your page, you would want to have the transcription available also. However, doing these takes time. Especially if you’re not that skilled in typing while listening. For efficiency, hire someone that can transcribe for you.

Here are just a few of the tasks you can outsource in the Philippines. There are more and not limited to these tasks. Bottom line, some tasks takes up a lot of time. When you try to do them all at once, you won’t be able to focus on the more important decisions of your business.

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You have been in operation for an idea you launched over a year ago and it seems that your business is doing well. All your investments have been recovered and the return on capital is proving to be quite well. Now that you think of it, it’s time to grow. You want to operate with more sales but that means you need to hire more people and that means you need to open up a new office area in the building you are renting.

Any growth requires a corresponding cost. In this case you will need to raise funds to support your growth and choosing to get a business loans is one of the things you are considering. Here are a few qualifications you need to consider when getting a business loan.

  1. Having a good credit score is important.

Credit scores are highly important to license money lenders. This is where the lenders base their decision most of the time. If your credit score is exceptionally high, they may even waive some of the requirements needed. So if you are planning to get a business loan, it would be best to work it up months before you plan on getting the loan.

good credit

  1. Collateral with equal value.

Not all business loan require a collateral. Some business loans do require a collateral but they would want something of equal value. For secured business loans, the usual acceptable security that a borrower can give is real property. Not only does the property have value but also increases as time goes by.


  1. A good cash flow and a clear business plan.

When getting a business loan, one of the requirements that a lender or a bank will ask for is the cash flow reflected in your business plan. It is very important to make sure that the lender understands that your current cash flow should be able to cover the expenses and is enough to assist business operations.

  1. Purpose of your business loan is vague.

One of the most flexible loans out there is a business loan. It can be used for anything that a borrower may need it for. But despite having the characteristic, you will need to identify the purpose of your loan.


With the growing presence of businesses and brands online, more and more marketing is being done through the internet. Digital marketing encompass a broad sense of business marketing being done through technology and the digital world.

A few of these digital marketing strategies are email marketing, SEO, and search engine marketing. In this article, we will focus on why search engine marketing is necessary for those businesses and brands that are present online.

marketing strategy

Search engine marketing (SEM), as the name implies, is a method of marketing the business or brand through online search engines, primarily, Google. It gives the business or brand an edge when it comes to online presence hence many business owners hire expert search specialist or digital marketing companies who are also capable of handling pay per click works on Google.

Here are a few reasons why search engine marketing is crucial for a business or brands’ success.

  1. Advertise directly to online users who are already looking for your product. When you use search engine marketing, your ads directly appear in search engine results which users generate based on keyword results. This means that you are directly advertising to people who are already looking for your product or service. It’s just like having your ad at the right place at the right time, although technically, it was using SEM to your benefit.
  2. Search engine marketing is like traditional marketing converted online with much lower cost. Budgets being allotted to search engine marketing is much lesser than traditional marketing where the business needs to pay for tv and radio airtime or getting your products in print ads. With search engine marketing, it is way cheaper targeting the right audience.
  3. Getting the right audience for your product. By using search engine marketing, you are targeting the people who are already searching for the products that you are offering. Getting them to click your ad already creates leads that can be converted to sales because of the existing interest for your products that is already present.
  4. Visibility at the most appropriate searches.Because search engine marketing uses keywords on searches, the best optimization should allow your ads to appear to users who are most inclined buy your product.
  5. Accurate monitoring and results reporting.With search engine marketing, tracking prospective clients and targeting them to see your ads are precise through keywords. Other areas in to monitor search engine results is with geo tagging and device tagging. With all these combined together, having accurate data report will help you to target customers you need.

Online businesses have different goals and requirements that’s why everything should be placed in consideration including the monthly cost of advertising spending or affordable SEO services for your business. More importantly, every business need to make sure that the budget they spend for search engine marketing would be enough to yield strong results but results in business bottomline should be the end goal of the search engine marketing strategy irregardless if you outsource it from an seo expert for your local business or your in-house search marketing team.

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